We Had A Breaking Bad Marathon And It Was Awesome!

           Resurrect Breaking Bad

Your favourite show might be over and it might feel like you’ve nothing left to live for but, fear not, for you can live on in fictitious methylamine happiness if you really want to and it’s really simple!

 Turn that frown upside-down! 

 I considered my life over after watching the finale – I mean, what am I supposed to do with my life now? Thanks for that curve-ball, God! – Luckily, I found a glimmer of hope when mi amigo suggested  a Contextual BrBa Marathon! What does this entail? I hear you cry. Well, bitches, not only does it entail re-watching incredible episodes of BrBa (an almost endless supply) for nostalgic purposes, but also playing BrBa games, creating BrBa props and consuming BrBa edibles! Badass.

The amount of stuff available online is amazing, too. We were simply amateurs.

Forget about those lonely nights with no new pieces of  Walt or Jesse beef to absorb with your face and mind. The show can live on eternally if you allow it to. There is a solution. A new way of viewing. A new beginning.


Here’s what we did:


1. This game (optional) – replace ‘drink’ with bacon if you don’t want to drink. Place the bacon in the shape of your age on a plate to be more contextual and show you’re a true BrBa fan.


2. 1 x Pink Teddy – Someone brave (without a heart) removed his peepers and ears just like the real thing. We replaced one of his eyes with a chocolate foil-covered ball from the supermarket just so he could see us.


3. Blue juice/alcohol (depending on what you fancy).We froze it for a real authentic meth feel. All right, Mr White!





4. Missing posters scattered all over the place – Walt Jnr’s works of art were hung up everywhere. Just that one peeping eye of his makes me smile.


5. Boiler suits! You can buy these online. Obviously, I was Jesse and, as you can see, I loved every minute of it.


6. Toy guns and blue gloves. We used the toy guns to shoot at the characters we didn’t like when they appeared on-screen. Take your pick. I picked Skyler.

7. Los Pollos Hermanos print-outs on cups. Blue bon-bons. Fake cash (or real cash – if you own some). Measuring cups. You get the idea.

8. Pizza to throw on your own roof or, perhaps, eat if you’re hungry. Or, if you’re playing Walt Jnr, perhaps you could save it for breakfast.


9. Just something nice to do if you’re feeling creative or simply have a desire to dress Walty.

10. This photo


11. Gale!


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