An Awesome Graphic Designer Spent 400 Hours Creating These Incredible ‘Breaking Bad’ Posters

A Legendary Hungarian Graphic Designer expressed his love for BrBa by dedicating five months of his time to recreating each episode of the incredible series.

He selected a significant visual image and quote that best represented each episode and transformed them into beautiful works of art.

If you have not completed the series yet, please beware of spoilers. For those of you that have completed the show and love it as much as I do, here is a pre-warning that nostalgia will kick in and you might feel a few tugs at those little heartstrings of yours. Tissues at the ready.

Here are a few of my favourites here:

1. Series 1, Episode 1, Pilot.

enhanced-23188-1393019188-122. Series 1, Episode 4, Cancer Man


3. Series 2, Episode 2, Grilled


4. Series 2, Episode 3, Bit By A Dead Bee.


5. Series 2, Episode 9, Four Days Out


6. Series 3, Episode 5, Más


7. Series 3, Episode 8, I See You


8. Series 3, Episode 12, Half measures

enhanced-23273-1393022358-219. Series 4, Episode 1, Boxcutter

tumblr_mxqy5w99QY1slqxs4o1_128010. Series 4, Episode 4, Bullet Points


11 .Series 4, Episode 11. Crawl Space


12. Series 5, Episode 1, Live Free Or Die

tumblr_mzg0iiSPFe1slqxs4o1_128013. Series 5, Episode 2, Madrigal

tumblr_mzmuiacBwM1slqxs4o1_128014. Series 5, Episode 9, Blood Money


15. Series 5, Episode 16, Felinatumblr_n150rqArnb1slqxs4o1_1280

Check out all 62 images here: Posterology • Posts Tagged ‘Breaking Bad’.

And an interview with the super-talented guy himself here: Posterology.


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